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WARSAW: Skyline Hunting

The miniature buildings.
The miniature buildings.

This city is so big, that city is so small, but they all have this feature in common: Skyline. However the size of a city, if you’re able to capture its essence, you can view almost everything of it in miniature perspective.

IMG_6596 plain

Take Warsaw as an example. On the first day in Warsaw, I decided to take a good look of the city which I was about to explore so my friend and I climbed to the roof of the Palace of Culture and Science on the 30th floor to capture this amazing photo which has the iconic bridge and the stadium which held 2006 Euro.

Złota 44
Złota 44

Amazing enough? You can view Warsaw’s iconic Złota 44 really closely.

The Old Town of Warsaw and its miniature citizen.
The Old Town of Warsaw and its miniature citizen.

To capture everything of a city, you have the change the perspective, which is equivalent to changing the rooftop. So on the third day of my Poland adventure, I went up the Taras Widokowy, which is literally translated as Viewing Terrace from Polish, in the Old Town Square for a good look at the old side of the city. How was the view? If you think you cannot see the miniature architecture which is the only think you expect like seeing those tiny sized buildings up the top ofthe Palace, you are probably wrong. Enjoy the miniature human!

IMG_6620 copy

I specifically like to contemplate the old buildings up close which gave me better view of the building structure or even hint inside the house – no creep, just curiosity.


On the Taras Widokowy, if you go further right, you’ll get a beautiful city view of Warsaw as well. Make sure you’ll check it out.

Skyline hunting is all about the point of view. So here are the three easy steps to hunt one:

  1. Look around for the highest building in that city or your area.
  2. Pay the fee, climb up the top
  3. Enjoy the view

These buildings are not hard to find, the Palace is in the central of the city while the other situates next to the Old Town, so I’m going to give to only details on the fee and opening hours. Give them a try during your Warsaw visit.

Details on these perspective cleansing buildings:

Night view at the Palace
Night view at the Palace

Palace of Culture and Science:

Opening hour: 8:00 – 19:00

Entrance fee: admission for the viewing level is 20/14zł. Group ticket for more than 10 people 12zł per person.

The "Viewing Terrace" located in the Old Town of Warsaw.
The “Viewing Terrace” located in the Old Town of Warsaw.

Taras Widokowy:

Opening hour:

May to October:
Monday – Friday 10:00 – 21:00 *
Saturday – Sunday 11:00 – 22:00 *

* closing hours may be changed, according to the number of visitors

Entrance fee:

– Standard admission: PLN 5
– Concessions: PLN 4*
* Available to children aged 4 or older, school-aged children and youth, students under the age of 26, retirement and disability pensioners, and individuals aged 65 or older upon presentation of a valid ID or other relevant identification.
Special Fees
Television crews, film crews and the like – fee per person with camera:
– First hour: PLN 150
– Each additional hour or part thereof: PLN 100

This entry is my third installment to my Poland adventure after Polish Your Cooking and Kraków. Stay tuned for a few more entries on my Poland adventure.

This entry also marks the first entry of the “Skyline Hunting” series. Make sure you re-visit the blog for more of them coming up.

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