From Airport to City: Nagoya, Shanghai, Đà Lạt, Quy Nhơn, Bangkok (Don Mueang)

Following my previous guide from airport to city, this entry benefits from my recent trip to Japan, transiting in Shanghai, adding to my already-there knowledge about the familiar cities in Vietnam and Thailand.


Located far south of the city, Chubu Aiport is a clean and neat airport just like any other Japanese ones. Almost 50 km away from Nagoya Station, the most convenient and economical way to transport is by  the Meitetsu Train Line. It costs 500 yens to get to Nagoya central.

Self-notice that this line doesn’t belong to JR so your JR pass won’t work, you need to pay accordingly.


There are two means of public transportation from Pudong Airport to the city central: via the subway or the highspeed Maglev. Let’s make a quick comparison.

Inside Subway Line 2

Using the subway, just hop on the Subway Line 2 and you’ll get to the central like Nanjing Road in 1 hour 30 minutes with a cheap fare: 15 CNY.

While with the Maglev, the train stops at Longyang Road which forces us to to change to Subway Line 7 for 6 stops then change to line 8 for another 6 stops before reaching Nanjing Road. Maglev in Shanghai could reach 450 km per hour but the short distance makes its almost unnecessary. And the cost for 50 CNY round trip is insanely unreasonable. And remember you’ll have to pay extra if you want to go further than Longyang Road which is basically just the rear of central Shanghai. If you fancy a ride for fun, hop on. But I don’t guarantee a convenient journey to the central.

Generally, it’s the subway that I recommend you for both convenience and economy’s sake.

Click here for my experience in Shanghai.


Just been named as one of Asia’s most underrated attractions by CNN, Đà Lạt is on the rise to both foreign and Vietnamese tourists alike.

The most common way to go to the city of flowers is by coach. But it is for tourists sake that the flight is getting more schedule for those who don’t want to suffer the coach’s seats.

Located 30 km away from Đà Lạt, with a serpentine mountain road, traveling from Liên Khương Airport to Đà Lạt ain’t an easy feat.

By taxi, ranging from 250,000 – 300,000 VND, it is the best option when you travel in group of 4 so the split will be cheaper.

Or you could choose the bus provided by the airport themselves with a fare of 50,000 VND/person. The only inconvenience is that you have to wait until the bus is filled up.


Phù Cát Airport is where you begin your Quy Nhơn trip. You can choose these 2 options for the 30 km journey.

By taxi, it will cost you 400,000 VND, it is wise to have a split of 7 people.

Airport bus can be reached at No. 1 Nguyen Tat Thanh Str., for just 50,000 VND/ride. You’ll have to carry your luggage a bit far for this option but it’s money saving. Maybe it’s worth a sweat.

And then you’re good to go.

If you wonder why you should go to Quy Nhơn, check my Quy Nhơn entry now.


Despite living in Vietnam which makes Thailand so approachable, I was there only once.

Flying with Air Asia will have you stop at Don Mueang Airport instead of the flashy new one.

Traveling from there to the central is easy with a bus. Almost 30 km away, choose the bus A1 and head to Mo Chit for the metro lines. From there, traveling Bangkok is far from difficult. These bus run 24/7 so yeah, basically the best thing ever. This bus line is the latest and waits right outside the terminal.

The good thing about public transportation in Thailand is its AC system that run heavily to prevent the ultimate city heat.

Read more about my Bangkok venture!


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