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Top 10 Best City Skylines

I have been exploring many cities, many of which had the most breathtaking skyline I had ever seen in my entire life. This list is from my perspective and travel experience. I might add more in the future as I carry on traveling.

10. TAM ĐẢO, Vietnam

The small city had a unique Cinque-Terre terrain, where houses were built on the slope of the mountain. Also, you’ll be impressed by the cloud pouring down to the street. Isn’t it satisfying looking at that sight?

Had this view while having Vietnamese milk coffee at a local cafe

9. OSAKA, Japan

A green layer with Japanese structure as the center. Osaka is well known for its Osaka Castle that makes any skyline look classic.

Osaka Castle Tower looking from the park.
Osaka Castle Tower looking from the park.

8. SAIGON, Vietnam

I love Vietnam, that’s for sure. I even love my home city more. Saigon has always been my favorite when it comes to skyline hunting. Never got bored at this skyline across Saigon River from District 2.

Saigon skyline across the river, a view from District 2

7. HONGKONG, Hongkong

My first country. It didn’t fail me with the Light Symphony starting at 8 PM, which made the skyline gazing experience more mesmerizing.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset
Hong Kong’s The Light Symphony

6. WARSAW, Poland

Clean and well arranged landmarks made Warsaw skyline photogenic than ever.

IMG_6596 plain

Warsaw from above looking from the Old Town Square Observatory

5. PARIS, France

Paris is always a good idea. Never underestimate the view across Seine river to city center. Every corner of the city is a private museum, that adds more grace to the city skyline.

Paris Cover Photo

4. PRAGUE, Czech Republic

If there is a city that can be better than Paris, it’s Prague. The skyline is dense and what else, you’ve got a whole castle at view.

Entry Cover 1
Prague splendid views, you can see Prague Castle from here


Talking of skyline, metropolis hub Singapore made the second spot with a generous skyscrapers in the view. Feeling overwhelmed?

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset
Singapore looking from Marina Bay Sands

2. AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands

Like a miniature model map, Amsterdam from above is even more graceful.

Skyline of Amsterdam.

1. SHANGHAI, China

Despite my bad experience here, I have to admit Shanghai deserves being the top skyline. Countless buildings and a wide view from The Bund made it so easy to be impressed.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

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