12 Tips to Have a Pleasant Flight

1. Online Check-in

If your airlines have this function available, make sure you use it 24 hours before your flight. The ability to choose your desired seat is an advantage of online check-in. And you don’t have to line up for half an hour at at the queue. And if possible, you can use the online check-in boarding pass to insert it into your Wallet app on iPhone and go through the boarding gate with style.

2. Arrive at the Airport Early

I almost missed my flight from Singapore to Jakarta this August because of late arrival. For small airports, it is easy to rush to the boarding gate, but not at huge international airport like Changi. Make sure you arrive at the airport accordingly as the flight carrier wants you to.

3. The Layers

For short flight, make sure to dress lightly, too many layers will cause you clumsiness. For intercontinental flight, make you you have at least a jacket and a scarf. The weather is different at your arrival point, wear a jacket then take it off if you’re from Europe to South-east Asia, and vice versa.

4. Bring Flip-flops on Long Flight

Please, I don’t want to imprison myself in my pair of boots for 12 hours.

5. Don’t Dehydrate Yourself

You know staying hydrate is important. During flight, the chance of dehydration increases thanks to low humidity percents in planes (10-20%.) Skip soft drinks, and drink more water. You can always ask for more water from cabin crew, they  are more than willing to give away.

6. Use the In-flight Entertainment Kit

Intercontinental flight offers the latest entertainment. Watching new movies before it come into DVD is your privilege.

7. Familiarize Yourself with Your Seat

Your seat has the entertainment kit, the controller for light, the meal tray and the service button. Make sure you know where they are when you need it. This may take a number of flight to learn, but you will be calm on flights without worrying pushing the wrong button.

8. Eat Strategically 

Flight carrier offers a lot for over-8-hour flights. Make sure to eat more veggie, drink more water and skip the ice-cream/cake. These delightful snacks seem good but you don’t need more of energy while sitting still on board.

9. Prepare Your Playlist

Even though the access to in-flight music library is more than enough, you might want a touch of your personality. And not all flights have that service, so make good use of your smartphone. You don’t want to hear babies crying on flight? The playlist will help along with your earphones.

10. Light Carry-on Baggage

Unless you’re a fashionista who doesn’t want to duplicate the look, carry as less as possible. Bring items you cannot live without, valuable items and items you will use during flight. Other than that, leave it all in your check-in baggage.

11. Make Good Use of Your Traveling Partner

Use him/her as your pillow, talk with him/her and entertain each other. It will be more fun with a partner.

12. Respect Other Passengers

All sorts of people board the plane with you, so try to keep your head down and enjoy the differences. Instead of raising your eyebrow, smile at the baby when he/she cries. Help other passengers with their luggage so the line will be at ease. Be kind while travel, mate!


    1. I think having the earplug along side with your music playlist is quite enough. But your suggestion is quite nice also. I might keep that in mind and buy one next time.

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