My Thoughts On Global Warming

Global temperatures are running far above last year’s record-setting level, all but guaranteeing that 2015 will be the hottest year in the historical record – NYTimes.

This piece of information is just a claim for what we are experiencing day by day from the climate throughout the year unless you’re living on the North or South Pole where it is freezing all the time. As a travel blogger, I can easily see this news is going to affect the whole world – which would be the resources for my future articles. Therefore, I feel like I need to write about it, not just ignore it as if it’s non-of-my-business because, in fact, it will be.

It is not easy to loose the focus to the negative news that we have been perceiving on the media since they are too overspread and affect directly to your own life.

These days, we could see the global  warming articles are all over the news thanks to the COP21 conference in Paris since November 30.


It is already December but here in Saigon, the weather at day is EXACTLY the same as the Summer and I can’t work properly without staying in an air conditioner room throughout the afternoon. I did a little research of the temperature from the big tropical cities such as Mumbai or Jakarta and the day temperatures are all vary around 32 – 33 °C (91 – 92 °F). So the climate change are really obvious there.

It is not only about the CO2 and the pollution, there is also:

“By 2050 or so, the human population is expected to pass nine billion.” – Dot Earth Blog.

I think most of you would still live by 2050, but imagine the world with a couple more billion of people … I can’t imagine how bad it would be because I already get mad at the constant traffic jams in my city.

Therefore, this whole climate change is not an issue that you think it’s “non of my business”.  We will be kinda old by 2050 and we definitely do not want to live in a world with too much people, polluted air and drowned land that was a part of your childhood. I, you, us, should contribute our humble change for a better world or at least, a world that used to be.


Solar panels are what I utterly recommend for saving energy, especially to those who live in a city where the sun is burning hot almost throughout the year, like mine. It cost more than $5000 for a solar energy system to light up your whole house but it could be one of the most efficient and helpful investment you can make during this dark time of the environment and the climate. Single panels with really affordable price are also available to charge your phone or provide electricity for a single room. And I definitely going to invest in this in the future.

There are many things to do to prevent this world from getting hotter or more polluted. I am not gonna list everything that you can do here But, I going to say that you, among the others billions of people, is able to make a change even though it’s just a small act like growing a pot plant. Make small changes first and don’t leave all the work for the government, it’s like count on your parents to help you with all the problems of your life. When a billions of people making small changes, it’d become a big change.

Moreover, I have a strong apprehension that the 2016’s weather is going to be even worse than this year and you would see how we have irritated the Mother Nature.

I will make my contribution by growing more plants in my garden, travel by bicycle when possible and encourage my friends to do so. In the future, I definitely buy an electric cars if I could.

I really appreciate that you keep reading to this sentence. Now think of what you could do. I, represent the Earth, thank you for that.

Best wishes for our Earth.

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