Our mission

1. To Record:

The journey is a long process of MEETING new people, EXPOSING to new culture and a multitude of landscape CAPTURING. This blog is a means for me to record everything, consolidate them into one single post.

2. To Renovate:

Looking back at the journey I have taken, places I have been to, is a way of reflection. I want to have this blog as a chance for me to renovate the travels, in order to make it better the next time I do.

3. To Inspire:

There are a lot of travelers out there and they are inspirational. But there are some other people who haven’t had the chance to travel more often like them. So this blog is to ENCOURAGE those people, in order to make them REALIZE the joy, the daring moments of traveling and hopefully they get to travel more.

We will keep on traveling, as our life is so short to explore everything. So we decide to explore as many fascinating things around this humble globe as possible.

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