JAPAN: On The Road

created by Coeur de Saigon & Duy Dang

The video dedicates to the wonderful transportation system of Japan. It gives you different points of view, whole new experience.

From the flight to the road, Shinkansen to boat promenade, on the cable to where we stand on 2 feet, Japan always have beautiful things to be looked at, to be contemplated.

On the flight, I saw the rising sun shining its light onto the clouds making them pink.

On the road to Mt. Fuji, Japan gave me chills with its endless tree lines coated in autumnal air.

The cable to Owakudani valley gave me a different perspectives on the red on yellow woods.

The promenade on Ashi lake, Hakone gave me a wide mountainous view, background by a tender waterscape.

And when I stood in Kyoto to enjoy a Kimono runway, I was in awed.

Japan know how to leave me frozen. Every minute I watch this video of the roads I have taken in Japan, every single details come back to me.

Create your journey! Venture into deep mountain, float on a flat sea. No matter what you do. Venture on!

Music: Sakura Nagashi – Utada Hikaru (all copy rights goes to EMI Music Japan Inc.) used for non-commercial use only

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