Snow Hunting in Dalat

Để đọc bản tiếng Việt: Săn Tuyết Đà Lạt

Every year, new places in Đà Lạt emerge as they are being discovered or re-explored, making travelers yearn to revisit. This December, hitting on the need for snow in this tropical country, Vietnam, articles about a “snow field” in Dalat spread wildly.

Cánh đồng tuyết Đà Lạt

Preparation for the “hunt”

To prove the online images are not illusion to the eyes, my friend and I set off for a weekend adventure for the exciting snow hunt in Dalat.

We sleep quite early that night to recharge our energy, ready to take on the December cold. Well prepared, we hop on our rented Nouvo from hotel to Gold Valley at 4 AM.

The snow field

Snow in Dalat is in fact a layer of morning dew dripping on the withering grass, and under sun light effects we could see the snow like colors. Today, we are truly lucky because there is no wind nor rain to wash that fragile layer of dews away. The sun comes perfectly at 7 AM for us to witness the snow field.

Processed with VSCO with a1 presetProcessed with VSCO with 8 presetCánh đồng tuyết Đà LạtProcessed with VSCO with a1 preset

The first thing in this “snow hunt” is to wake up early, sacrificing your sleep to capture the moment dews lingering on the field. All of them will be gone by 8 AM when the sun is up and higher temperature. When the harsh rays appear, it’s when the snow field disappear from view making it a secret from late comers.

Processed with VSCO with 8 preset

What if you’re late for snow? See the pink grass field

Đồi cỏ hồng Đà Lạt

When the light is harsh, another magical scene appear from view: the pink grass field. When the dead of the year approaches, grass in Golden Valley wither themselves and turn into a unique light pink shade. This scenery makes me think of Hallerbos in Belgium with endless flowers covering the ground under every shade.

Đồi cỏ hồng Đà Lạt

Cánh đồng tuyết Đà LạtCánh đồng tuyết Đà Lạt

If the adventure for snow fails because of the false alarm, this pink field will make up for it and make the journey to this place worth while.

How to get to the snow field

Travel to Golden Valley from Dalat via Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street. When you see Tay Nguyen Science Institute, turn left to the junction ahead. Ride 4 km more. Before 3 km reaching Golden Valley, you will see a path up to the hill to your right, go up. This road is tricky with rocks and tree roots, make sure to ride firmly. Up the hill for 1 km more, you will see the field.

Cánh đồng tuyết Đà LạtCánh đồng tuyết Đà LạtThis place is magnificently photogenic, so make sure you travel to capture the best moments here.

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